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Hanoi Group assists international investors to find a suitable partner to undertake their entry to the local market or to expand their existing local business. Through our expertise and connections in several economic sectors in Vietnam, the clients are ensured that we know the key players as well as the most potential future partners in these sectors.

One of our key assets is its ability to access virtually all major groups in Vietnam, international or local, at management or ownership levels. Vietnam traditionally offers great potential for manufacturing with a huge number of skilled and cheap labor, there are more and more foreign companies to come to Vietnam to seek for quality products with competitive price.

We have surveyed a large number of factories. If we do not have a facility in our network that meets your needs, we will perform the following procedure to screen for potential sources:

1. Selection Process:
    - Research potential suppliers
    - Call potential suppliers
    - On-site visits to plants to inspect facilities and evaluate operations / personnel
2. Vendor Survey:
    - Core Competency
    - Facilities
    - Equipment
    - Personnel
    - Quality System
    - Housekeeping
3. A formal report of the survey is submitted to the client along with the Quality survey, approval and certification.
4. Competitive bidding between factories.
5. Selection of three or more qualified local manufacturers to provide quotes, pricing review and analysis.

Several clients chose to get involved in the first stage through a visit to Vietnam. Hanoi Group could further arrange your business trip, which may include: (i) Itinerary of business trip to Vietnam; (ii) Meeting schedule; (iii) Participate the meeting to assist in negotiation; (iv) Logistics and (v) Interpretation, if required.


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