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Hung Pham graduated at Hanoi University of External Trade and held a Master of Business Administration. He joined Hanoi Group / Sourcing after having worked as purchasing manager at Ford and after then as industry development strategist at Ministry of Industry and Commerce. He helped Ford Vietnam develop an effective sourcing base through building a network of autopart suppliers. Hung also has served as purchasing consultant for several top profiled projects in auto, metal and healthcare industry. Hung heads the Industrial Products Sourcing Team. He speaks excellent English.

Contact: hungp@hanoisourcing.com

Tung Nguyen graduated at National Economic University and held a Master of Business Administration at the same university. He is currently based in Hochiminh City. Before joining Hanoi Group / Sourcing,  Tuan worked at Vietnam Trade Promotion Board, where he has been developing an extensive network of local suppliers and helping them boost export. He lead several export consulting projects for Vietnamese top textile and handicraft manufacturers. Tuan heads the Consumer Products Sourcing Team of Hanoi Group. He is fluent in English.

Contact: tungn@hanoisourcing.com

Tuong Bui graduated in Entrepreneurial Economics at Freiberg University, Germany. Since returning to Vietnam in 1996, he has hold key positions while working in both governmental (Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment) and private sector. Tuong completed Master of Business Administration at Washington State University, Pullman, US. He also had valuable working experience in Germany and Brazil. Tuong can count on his consulting experience though a number of market and development research projects by private as well as governmental institutions. Tuong is fluent in English, German and Spanish. In Hanoi Group / Sourcing, Tuong serves as Project Manager and together with Minh, he heads the Consulting Division.

Contact: tuongbv@hanoisourcing.com

Minh Nguyen graduated in Moscow, Russia and held MBA degree of National Economic University. Minh is among Vietnam’s high-rated experts in international trade and finance. He held various leading position in textile industry and foreign trade. Minh has constributed as the leading figure in one of the largest trading incorporations in Vietnam. His various business experiences in Germany, Korea, China and the region are valuable assets for the group. Currently he also heads B2B Inc., which highly succesfully has been engaged in international trading. Minh is fluent in English and Russian. Together with Tuong, Minh runs the Hanoi Group / Consulting Division and serves as Project Manager of Hanoi Group / Sourcing.

Contact: minhnh@hanoisourcing.com


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