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Following are some examples of the services Hanoi Group / Sourcing Division effectively provides to our foreign clients, using all our local advantages:   


Construction material supplier to form business in Vietnam

Background: One client - a South East Asian company sought suitable form of establishment in Vietnam

Solution: Hanoi Group (HG) advised the client, proposing options for them to choose from: Representative Office, Joint Venture or 100%FDI. We carefully assessed the objectives set by the client as well as clearly put the plus and minus of each option on the table. Consequently, the client decided to establish a Representative Office in Hochiminh City. Our next step was to undertake the legal matter of the formation and work out the sales channel by identifying the most appropriate distributor for client’s product.


A trading company to buy furniture from Vietnam on regular basis

Background: A US trading house looked to purchase furniture for their client’s mall network in North America.

Solution: Hanoi Group represented the trading company to visit supply candidate in North and South Vietnam. We carefully checked the quality and the capacity of each supplier and ordered samples under our supervision and sent to the client. The client picked one supplier and now we are still acting as their buying agent in Vietnam.


A Hongkong textile manufacturer looked to outsource production in Vietnam

Background: A company looked to find partner in Vietnam after it had used up all the quota (from China) imposed for its textile product export to North America.

Solution: We drew a plan for the client to work and negotiate with 10 factories throughout the country within 7 business days. The client confessed afterwards that the most valuable experience they gained was to understand that the environment and how a partner is to be evaluated and selected, differed significantly from international standards. One could easily misjudge the potential and the suitability of one Vietnamese partner, imposing only international standards in transactions.


An Asian fertilizer producer aimed to distribute the product in Vietnam

Background: A fertilizer producer recognized the potential of Vietnam market and wished to know more aspects of the market.

Solution: Hanoi Group / Consulting Division conducted a broad market research, including desk research and field investigation, in which we interviewed users, whole sellers, retailers, importers. The investigators team was carefully trained in the presence of the client who came to Vietnam to be with us during the research period. Furthermore we schedule several meetings with representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Area Development and the local Department in selected provinces to learn about related legal frame and policy.



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