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The range of services we provide is customized to specific client requirements and can be grouped into several main categories.

Sourcing opportunities evaluation
We prepare a study of whether there is a sourcing opportunity for your company in Vietnam at all with the fundamental question "Can you source here?". This service gives an overview of the sector you are interested in, your potential partners and main competitors, their prices and tariffs, and your likelihood of success according to the objectives you specify. This saves our client money by honestly assessing their chance of succeeding in the Vietnam.

Sourcing partner search
Thanks to our experience and presence on the market we can assist you in identifying the best candidate to become your sourcing partner. We are able to help you find Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). This service includes partner selection, introduction, assistance in negotiations, legal advice and anything else that helps our clients gain benefits from sourcing in Vietnam. 

Supplier qualification process evaluation
Does your supplier qualification process work in the region? If you believe that only suppliers who fall into line with your existing process will be considered, you may miss many of the most interesting sourcing opportunities. Hanoi Group may help you improve your supplier qualification process and make it more effective.

Meetings and negotiations
Vietnam's suppliers are often inexperienced in dealing with international companies' purchasing departments. They are cautious, not always completely fluent in international languages, and may not have the scale financial capacity or willingness to provide large shipments on open invoices at the start of a business relationship. They may not know the jargon of international trade and although it does not necessarily mean that the company is not a competitive supplier it may cause difficulties during the negotiations process. Successful talks call for an understanding of the intricacy of cultural differences. Our experts are familiar with the way of doing business in Vietnam and will help support meetings and negotiations.

Other business services or support
We offer to carry out the final presentation at the client's premises, followed by a Q&A discussion and/or a workshop. Hanoi Group provides a dedicated service as a reliable point of contact for all the business issues a foreign company may want to investigate in Vietnam. We provide independent, objective analyses and strategic advice.

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