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Hanoi Group / Sourcing Division’s task is to make it easier and more effective for overseas manufacturers to source production from Vietnam. Our team consists to 100% of Vietnamese experts who have been living in Europe, North America and Vietnam, gaining knowledge of what oversea businesses need and what Vietnamese suppliers in capable of. 

We believe this is one of the most important attributes Hanoi Group / Sourcing can provide to clients’ business. A thorough understanding of Vietnam including local knowledge and an understanding of regional customs and business culture etc, is as important as being able to converse in the local language, and is of the utmost importance in order to obtain your objectives when sourcing products in this part of the world.

Other sourcing companies attempt to conduct their business from afar such as the US or Hong Kong. This misguided concept often leads to disastrous consequences for the Client. We believe that Vietnam is capable of manufacturing many products but unless you're on the ground in Vietnam, the chances of receiving your goods in perfect condition and on the agreed delivery dates are pretty small. And even if you are based in Vietnam, you shall see that it will not be easy to make things work your way.

And Hanoi Group is much more than just a sourcing company. The support of our consulting division: Hanoi Group / Consulting (website: www.hanoiconsulting.com) put us in the unique position among a few number of sourcing companies in Vietnam. The consulting division backs us with precise and in-depth study of the market including major industries as well as their quantitative and qualitative evaluation in decision making situations.   

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